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    HUGE issue (final project related)




      Recently I made my first full length Flash video. Last Thursday was the last time that I had edited the movie, since I presented as a pre-critique to my class that day. Today I went in to make final edits, and to my horror, the file seems to have been corrupted. I can open other flash files that I have made, but as soon as I open my final project movie, Flash crashes, each and every time.


      Luckily, the .swf file is still intact. My question is, is there anyway to transfer the .swf file back into Flash (.fla) so I can make edits to it? I don't care if this means all the layers would be merged, as long as I can do something.


      Or is there any other way to recover it? I tried going to File > Import > Open External Library, and then I selected the seemingly corrupted .fla file, and all the images used in the movie show up in a little window, but as soon as I click on any of them, Flash quits unexpectedly.


      Is there anything I can do to remedy this? Any input would be GREATLY appreciated, as this may be the difference between me passing or failing the class. Thanks in advance.


      FYI, I'm using CS3.


      EDIT: I actually may have found a solution, but hopefully theres a better one. I went to File > Import > Import to Stage and selected the .swf file. It worked, but all of my motion tweens are gone, and its just frame after frame after frame, and of course the layers are all merged. I can still select and move the objects, but I'm sure my abilities will be limited.