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    Urgent!!! Linking Issue

    brumery11 Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I've been searching around the forums trying to find an answer to my problem but I cannot.


      I am creating a full website for a class (which was due at 12:00) and need some help with links that are failing.

      Although they work in the preview mode, once i upload the pages onto the internet the links are no longer working.


      The code I was tyring to use is,

      on(release) {
          getURL("http://www.rumeryrefinishing.com/gender/home.html","_self", "GET");


      I read someplaces that the getURL code is outdated or something but I have other links on the page that are not written like this that are not working. Anyone know what my issue is?


      Basically, what I need is an easy way it to get from this page: http://www.rumeryrefinishing.com/gender/intro.html to this page: http://www.rumeryrefinishing.com/gender/f_toys.html


      Thanks for the help guys!

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          funkysoul Level 4

          I assume this is AS2, the only thing I don't understand is why you put the "GET" attribute at the end?

          You don't need that at all.

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            brumery11 Level 1

            Oh sorry, yea its AS2.


            Also, I read somewhere that it worked for them when they added it. I don't know.


            Regardless, the code still does not work without the phrase.



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              funkysoul Level 4

              hmm the only thing left is:


              Where is that action in? Inside of the button itself? If yes then I have to pass it on.. it seems right to me..


              if the code is on the timeline then you also need to tell which button should open the site:


              myBtn.onRelease = function()





              Sorry my AS2 is rusty..

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                brumery11 Level 1

                yeah, its in the button...I dont understand why this isnt working!!

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The code is not likely to be the issue, but do get rid of the "GET".  Do your buttons exist across various adjacent keyframes, such as frames where the buttons transition into place?  If so, you may be losing functionality due to what I consider to be buggish behavior that Flash has always exhibited.


                  If you do not assign the code to all the keyframe instances, you can end up having latter buttons inheriting things from earlier adjacent ones (such as the lack of an instance name, and possibly code).  For instance, if I do a timeline tween of a button and assign it an instance name in the ending keyframe, but not int the starting one, the one at the end loses the instance name even though it is assigned at that frame.

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                    carl schooff Level 3

                    the style of as2 code you are using does not go IN a button it goes ON a button:


                    1: remove that code (cut)

                    2: go to the scene where your button exists.

                    3: click off stage to make sure nothing is selected

                    4: click on the button to select

                    5: open the actions panel

                    6: type /paste your code (get rid of the "get" stuff)

                    7: test