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    Meshing 2 parts of the same video together...


      My camcorder automatically creates another file of the same recording if it approach’s 2 GB in size. How do I “mesh” these 2 parts into a seamless scene in Premiere Elements 8? I don’t want to transition and if I leave the transition piece alone I still get a “red/orange flash” in between the two. I'm sure there is a simple step I'm missing...Thanks…

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          What make/model of camera are you using, and what is the file format/CODEC? What is your Project Preset?


          Now, if you have two Clips that have overlapping Frames, there are two choices:


          Dble-click the Clip in the Project Panel to open it up in the Source Monitor. There, you can set the In & the Out Points. You would do this for each of the Clips.


          It might be easier to place one Clip onto the Timeline on, say Video Track 1, and then the next onto Video Track 2. Slide the Clip on Video Track 2 to the left, until you have matched up the exact Frames. Once you have these aligned, you can either Trim the Head of one and the Tail of the other, or use the Scissors/Razor to "cut" these Clips. At that point, you could either leave the Trimmed Clips on the two Video Tracks, or you could move the one(s) on Video Track 2 down to Video Track 1 to butt them up. Do this with some care, as if you force them to butt up and have Snap on, you'll shear off Frames.


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