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    Green Blocks

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      Iv'e been having real trouble with capturing my footage in elements eight. My project settings match my camera settings so i dont think that is the problem. In the capture window the footage plays back really jerky and blurred. This gets much worse after i try and capture a clip. Numerous 1 inch wide green blocks flicker on and off across the captured footage, the quality of the video itself is fine, it palys back smoothly and sound run smoothly as well.rbut the green blocks completely ruin the clip. After capturing these clips Elements often crashes as well, however this stops when the clips are deleted. My  Firewire connection seems to be fine so i am baffled as to what is causing this. Can anyone help me out?

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          Welcome to the forum.


          Please tell us about the camera, the file type and CODEC used, the Project Preset and exactly how you are doing your Capture. The more details the better.


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            I'm using a cannon HV 40 and filming on standard Sony DV tapes and filming in  in HDV I.AF. Sorry but i don't know what you mean by codec, iv'e looked it up but can't seem to grasp it's application in terms of video cameras and editing softwear.


            Camera output settings:

            DV output: HDV/DV

            DV REC MODE: STD Play

            Playback Standard: Auto

            Comp.Out: 1080i


            Project Settings:

            Editing Mode: HDV 1080i

            Timebase: 25 frames per second

            Pixel Aspect Ratio:HD anamorphic 1080 (1.333)

            Fields: Upper field first

            Display Format: 20 fps timecode

            Capture Format: HDV

            File Format: I-Frame only MPEG

            Compresser: MPEG I frame


            To capture i'm simply connecting my camera to my computer using a firewire cable and then attempting to capture footage in the capture from HDV camera option. I think my Fire wire cable is quite old, I just found it in the bottom of a draw so it could be at fault. I am turning my camera on (play position) before loading up elements and using the recomended pre set.


            My footage plays back smoothly on my camera's view finder so i can't see it being a problem with the camera. My laptop is also very high spec and about a month old. I have checked my drivers and they are all up to date.


            I don't know if this is relavant but when i playback the clip in elements i only get a short sample of the sound however if i open and then close the project i get full audio. The green blocks also seem to be intermitent, at one point the footage was capturing fine and then it reverted back to capturing with the green blocks again. I didn't change any settings it just randomly started happening again.


            I hope that's enough info and relavant, you will have to excuse my lack of knowledge about this matter as i am new to the whole process.




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              Thank you for the info. Your camera is recording with the HDV CODEC in MPEG I-frame (not the normal MPEG GOP, but this is good).


              Now, in PrPro, when similar colored Frames are inserted (Red in that program's case), it indicates dropped Frames in the Capture. These are actually inserted to maintain Audio & Video sync. They indicate that for some reason, a Frame, or Frames, was/were dropped during Capture. Could be a fault with the cable, the camera or the tape. For the latter, most recommend not reusing tapes.


              Ideally, doing a Capture without any dropped Frames is the ideal. Some have found that the freeware capture program, HDVSplit does a better job, than the Capture module in either PrE, or PrPro. However, even it cannot help if the fault is in the camera, on the tape or with the cable. Those could still cause dropped Frames.


              As for the Audio, this is just a guess. When one either Imports, or Captures, the Audio must be Conformed. What happens here is the Audio is converted (Conformed) to 32-bit floating point and the .PEK (Waveform Display) files are created. Depending on the Duration and also the speed of the computer (especially the I/O sub-system, i.e. the HDD's), this can be very quick, or take a very long time. In both PrE and PrPro, there is a progress bar at the lower-right of the GUI. One should wait until all Conforming is complete. I just Imported a 01:43:00 Clip into PrPro on my fast workstation. It took about 3 mins. for the Audio to Conform. Got a cup of coffee, and it was complete. If one starts editing before the Conforming is complete, there can be real problems, such as Audio drop-outs, program hangs, or even system crashes. I urge people to watch that progress bar and wait until it disappears, before doing anything with the computer, and especially with the Clips, or anything else with the program. When you do your Captures, look at the lower-right of the screen. If you see a blue bar with "Conforming Audio," just wait patiently.


              Hope that this helps, and good luck,



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                I have tried replacing my fire wire cable but this has made no difference.

                Does this mean it is certainly the camera? Is there anything else i could

                try? Thanks so much for your help, i really appreciate it/

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                  Another strage thing about the connection is that no iconn for the camera

                  appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when it is plugged in.

                  Do you have any idea why this might be?

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Have you tried FireWiring into another computer?


                    That would tell you whether the problem is with the camcorder or your computer/FireWire card.