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    Marshalling objects with ExternalInterface

    M. Ridcully

      Hi all,


      I'd greatly appreciate if someone could explain to me what kind of "custom" objects can be marshalled between ActionScript and JavaScript.


      I've just tried passing a JavaScript object, implemented as an XPCOM component in a Firefox add-on, and failed. The object, returned to ActionScript from ExternalInterface.call does contain my custom method (along with QueryInterface) property, but it is null.


      Am I right that XPCOM components cannot be marshalled to ActionScript, or it's just that I'm doing something wrong?


      Also, I'd like to find out if marshalling of the following custom objects are supported:


      1. ActiveX objects, instantiated in JavaScript; on IE

      2. NPAPI components, scriptable via npruntime; on Firefox (and other browsers, as a bonus).