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    Must media be copied to the hard drive first?

    ruffhouseutah Level 1

      Came home today to some complaints from my wife about problems with PE8, and discovered that, at my suggestion, she took flash card out of the camera, put it into our USB media reader and imported the files right from there (rather than through the USB cable to the camera, as we've done for years).


      She used the Get Media command, but it appears that Get Media didn't copy the originals onto the hard drive first, like I try to do before doing Get Media. Can't blame her or any other user for that matter; Get Media sounds like it's the right think to click, and the images come right into the system...


      She proceeded to make a nice slide show with music and did a great job, until the preview window stopped changing with the audio--I can scrub, but as soon as I try playback the image in the preview window just freezes but the audio continues to play.


      I unplugged the media reader from the USB port and, sure enough, the project couldn't find the media. It was disappointing that "Get Media" didn't get the media off the card at all; if we'd gone ahead and erased and re-used the card, the media would be gone forever!


      More disappointing, now there's no playback on ANY projects that we have, even those that were successfully completed with totally different media that's on the hard drive.


      So, must media be manually copied to the hard drive before using the Get Media command to bring it into the Project and/or Organizer?


      And if so, isn't that pretty stupid? I've gotta be missing something here...

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          I replied to one of your other requests.  I'm having the same problem with playback. I doubt there's an issue with whatever reader or hardware you were using.  I'm suspecting that Windows, Microsoft, Adobe, SOMEONE made an update recently, ran it automatically, and it messed up playback in Adobe.  I updated my Direct X just in case.


          Sorry I don't have an answer.  Just the same problem.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Because of the way this and every other non-linear editing system works, your media must be moved to your computer's hard drive in order for you to use it in a project.


            This is not a flaw in the program. It's simply the way all video editing programs work.


            I explain this and why this is in my free "basic training" tutorial series, available in the FAQs to the right fo this forum.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Transfer of files from a card, or camera's HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and Get Media are two totally separate operations. Let me explain:


              When you transfer the files from the source to your system, you are doing a Copy of these files to your system's HDD. THEN, when you Get Media, you are only linking the editing program (NLE) to your Project. If they are still on the camera's HDD, or flash card, or similar, and you disconnect the camera, or remove the medium, those links will be broken.


              It is exactly the same, when working from an external HDD. The files are not automatically copied over to the internal HDD's, but are linked to the external HDD. Unplug the external, and PrE cannot locate the files. It would be the same if one put in a DVD and then linked to the files on that disc. Remove that disc, and the links will be broken. Copy those files over, and THEN link to them, and so long as you do not Move, or Delete those files, the links work.


              This ARTICLE will give you some background on what is in the Project file (.PREL). There is NO media inside those, only links.


              Hope that this helps and also explains the differences between first copying and then linking, and just linking to the files.


              Good luck,