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    Change Settings


      I have new Premiere Elements 8 and started a projekt with wrong setting (DV 4:3).

      Now i want to change the settings to DV widescreen but the menue items for this are not available (grey).

      What can i do?


      Thanks in advance



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately, you can only change your project settings when you begin a project. You can not change the settings mid-project.


          There is, however, a hack that involves editing the project file as a text file that can sometimes allow you to change these settings. If someone knows, maybe they can share it on this forum.

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            PatPre Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            i asked at Adobe hotline and they told me to use the 30 day trial of premiere CS4 to finish the work.

            Is there maybe a way to change these settings in CS4 and save the projekt in a format that Elements can read it?





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              First, one of the powerful aspects of PrPro CS4 is that one can have many Sequences, and each can have different Presets in them. Think of them as "mini-Projects" in PrE, but all in one "master" Project. If one has a Sequence set up as 4:3, and it is later determined that 16:9 is needed, one just creates a New Sequence with the proper Preset, and then they can easily Ctrl+A (Select All) for the footage on that improper Sequence hit Ctrl+C (Copy), navigate to the new proper Sequence, set the CTI to 00;00;00;00 and hit Ctrl+V (Paste). So long as the same Tracks are targeted, all Assets with edits will be Pasted in the new Sequence exactly.


              Now, let me point out a major limitation in the trial version of CS4: there is absolutely zero support for anything MPEG - NOTHING! This is due to licensing issues with Adobe and MainConcept. If you have any MPEG Video, or Audio, you cannot use the trial version of CS4. You can also NOT Export to anything MPEG, even if your Video is DV-AVI Type II and your Audio is PCM/WAV. You can Export to many other formats/CODEC's, just not to any form of MPEG.


              If you do not have MPEG anything, and want to Export in SD (Standard Definition) to edit in PrE, you can use the trial CS4 and can Export to DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio. That would be Imported into PrE for additional editing.


              Hope that this helps and good luck,



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                PatPre Level 1

                Thanks Hunt for your help.

                I think i can do it this way because i dont have any MPEG in my project.


                Best regards



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Good luck with your Project. I just wanted to mention the MPEG aspect of the trial version. It has bitten many in the past. While it's mentioned in the Web page for the trial download, it should be in neon red flashing letters, as too many miss it. Then, they wonder why MP3's, MP4's, MPEG-2's, etc. will not Import. Also, that is why there is no trial of Encore, the authoring program, included. As it outputs to MPEG-2 for DVD-Videos and MP4, or MPEG-2 HD for BD authoring, there is nothing that can be done (except for FLV Export), that does not require MPEG at some level.


                  With DV-AVI, you're good to go.


                  Happy Editing,