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    Highlighting Conditionally Reqd Fields


      Hi Experts,
                       I have a requirement of highlighting conditonally required fields in my form. Details of which are given below


      1. When CheckBox Trading relevant is checked then asterisk (mandatory field marker) should appear in the captions of the next 4 fields.


      2. Similarly if Bank Account Number is entered then payment method field will also be mandatory (so a mandatory marker asterisk will appear in the caption for payment method)

      Illustrating point # 2, we have 3 fields for e.g.


      Bank Account Number


      Payment Method (conditionally reqd if Bank Acct Number has been filled up)


      Bank Country


      Exact requirement is when the cursor is in the Bank Account Number field the Payment Method field caption should have a asterisk, once the cursor moves from Bank Acct Number field to any of the two fields following the Bank Acct Number field,

      then the asterisk should disappear indicating the payment method field is no longer mandatory. Again if the cursor moves to the Bank Acct Number field (field coming back to focus) the asterisk should again appear in the caption for Payment Method.


      Please let me know the java scripting required and also the exact events in which I need to place these scripts to fulfiil the requirement