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    FXG Skinning in Flash Builder 4


      Having had a pretty bad time trying to get satisfactory skinning working with Flex Builder 3, I decided to make the leap into declarative graphics and embrace Flash Builder 4 and the FXG route.


      I really want to make sure an app we are building can be reskinned with minimal input from the development point of view. Ideally it will be a case of the designers making changes and modifications to FXG files, re-saving and re-compiling and boom! Nice new skinned app.


      So far, so good - I absolutely love the fact that you can simply export .fxg files from Illustrator, and access these files directly from MXML SkinnableContainer components using a namespace that points to the folder containing the files.


      However, I cannot see any practical way to scale these dynamically or define a 9-slice grid, or indeed where you would do that.


      Also, it would be great to find out a good workflow for making textfields / textareas defined by designers into working spaces. For example, suppose you have a designer working on a custom "Panel" layout. They have chosen the font and position of the title, and the main text area. How can a developer use the resulting FXG file - without having to pull this file to pieces and rebuild by hand - so it becomes a usable component?


      I was just keen to initiate some kind of discussion of FXG skinning - particularly for those of us coming in from a more asset-based solution in the past. I would be keen to hear about issues and problems anyone is having getting this route to work.