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      Please PLEASE help!  I have spent HOURS on the phone trying to be able to get my Reader to where I can access books and actually READ!  The Sony Reader Support folks have tried and tried to help, but say I need Adobe support.  This is the message I get:


      E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 4015:15:6015 urn:uuid:fe67fc55-9102-4eeb-8560-7f5d47021869

          Jim Lester Level 4

          Adobe offers support for Digital Editions through the web.  You can get support by going to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and clicking on "Submit a web case".

            Jim Lester Level 4

            But you don't need to that... I had some administration that I had to do the server this morning anyway, so I bumped your activation count for your "tethered devices" (IE your Sony Reader) back to 6 while I was in there.

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              JanetKathy Level 1

              This is really weird.  After I got your message I tried to transfer the books and two transferred and one did not saying my device was not authorized.  Wow.  this is really a confusing mess and I really wanted to brag to my girlfriend that the Sony Reader was better than the Kindle.  Can't do that yet - smile.

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                Jim Lester Level 4

                I fixed it so that you could authorize your device without getting the E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS, but you still need to authorize your device.  How you go about doing that will depend upon if you are using the Sony EBL software or Adobe Digital Editions.


                For ADE (windows only), if you have ADE running a Device Activaiton Wizard should come up when you plug your device in, if the device is not already authorized.


                I'm not sure about the Sony EBL software.

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                  JanetKathy Level 1

                  Okay, I think I've got it working - at least I have the three books I purchased downloaded onto my Reader and can access them.  Hopefully, when I get to the point of adding more, some of these bugs will be evened out.  Thank you so very much for your help and support.


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                    I am BEGGING you to help me.  i'm at my wits end, and have spent countless hours talking to support, chatting on line with support, waiting for response to my open case, and what i need done sounds so simple...I get the error "too many activations" and i need to get this resolved so that i can once again download books that I have purchased for my sony ereader....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

                    case #0181340808

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                      JanetKathy Level 1


                      I am another Sony Reader-owner with the same issue.  I finally got help through signing on and logging a webcase in the Digital Editions support portal and they reset my authorizations so I could download my books.  Try that and see if you can get them to reset you.


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                        JanetKathy Level 1

                        I received this message and followed it and they reset me:


                        Adobe offers support for Digital Editions through the web.  You can get support by going to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and clicking on "Submit a web case".

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                          lorimadimason1 Level 1

                          thanks for the reply.  i have an open web case, but they are taking their sweet time.  it's wearing my patience thin.  hopefully they'll get to it soon.

                          thanks again

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                            JanetKathy Level 1

                            I wish you the best of luck.  I know how you feel.  To try to fix mine, they completely wiped my Reader clean so I had nothing until Adobe finally reset the activations.  I've been reluctant to try to use it in case it gets stuck again.  smile.  Wish you luck, Lori.


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                              lorimadimason1 Level 1

                              this has been and continues to be a nightmare.  Adobe was great, but turns out they werent even the problem.  still seems to be something wrong with the connection btwn adobe and sony or something.  kills me b/c i was able to use it fine last week when i first got my ebook.  it's driving me INSANE...AHHHHHHH  lol

                              thank you so much for your kind words.  Happy Holidays.

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                                I too have had the too many activations error since Dec 10 (after I upgraded ADE on my laptop and the software wouldn't setup correctly), and after 1.5 hours on the phone waiting for Sony Support (just in case), they confirmed it was a problem with my Adobe account and referred me to Adobe so I can download my books!  I was so afraid that was going to happen and that Sony has no REAL partnership with Adobe that would give Sony customers any better customer service than I have received from Adobe in the past.


                                I submitted the request the same day, and got a case number but since then have received nothing from Adobe except that they are escalating it to someone who can supposedly reset the account - still waiting several days for any response from that "customer service" person.  I would be willing to clear all activations and just start over (as long as I can recover my books from the Sony store) but even that doesn't seem to be possible in a timely manner.  I think it is a huge shame that Sony has associated itself so closely with Adobe when their customer support is so lacking and account information is seemingly so difficult for them.  Assistance with customer accounts should be so basic! 

                                Case #0181333414

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                                  Jim Lester Level 4


                                     I gave your 6 activations back, but you have a higher level issue that you'll need to work with support.  Usually with cases like yours it's something preventing ADE from saving information to the registry:

                                  1.) A permissions issue

                                  2.) A registry cleaner

                                  3.) An AV program preventing access.


                                  Try this, launch ADE from the desktop shortcut (or go find the executable and double click on it), go through the activation process, quit ADE and relaunch.  (This will prevent some problems with the browser launching ADE in low rights mode).


                                  Good Luck.

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                                    lorimadimason1 Level 1

                                    I didnt get this email before i got on and tried to get the problem resolved (again)...and now i've used up all the activations again and cannot try your suggestion.  i have the number to tech suppt to call tomorrow, so I guess that's what i'll have to do.  If you get this before then, maybe you can reset the count once more, and then I can try what you have suggested.  I just sent you an email thru the adobe site prior to checking my personal email.

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                                      Jim Lester Level 4

                                      Actually the previous message was in response to Rich, but if Rich's problems match yours (they may) it's worth a shot for you.  I've bumped your escalation count up to 6.

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                                        richeworld Level 1

                                        Thank you Jim - yes - this solution worked perfectly for me, and thank you for fixing the activation count.

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                                          kc5cyc Level 1


                                          Jim it seems you have your hands full.But I too have the same issue with the adobe digital editions.

                                          Please HELP!!


                                          This is so frustrating. I could not even download a single book through the Sony sight so far.


                                          looking for help


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                                            Danielle 16



                                            I need help too i have the same message phone sony they tell me adobe problem so i phone adobe went through everything and got nowhere because it free download i been told submit web case which i have done two weeks ago still not sorted, So i ask to speak complaint department because i feel push to pillar to post and getting nowhere and they dont have one. Im not sure what to do? if anyone can help me or give me some advice i be so grateful as im so frustrated with this problem.


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                                              I bought an Aztek ezReader, but since it's new and I don't know what I'm doing I also used up all my activations.  I bought this reader so I would be able to not only purchase books but rent them from my library.  That is what I was doing when the Too Many Activations Error "bug" got me.  I tried the online chat, but that didn't work and they opened a tech case for me.  This was Wednesday AM and I really want to use my reader.  I've read that it takes 3 days before someone fixes it, but patience is running thin.  I think the 3 day wait for something that seems like a simple fix is too long.  Hopefully I'll be reading my library books by Monday.

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                                                Danielle 16 Level 1

                                                Sorry to disappoint you but I have been waiting two week and syill waiting and only have recieved a message saying my case in the second stage.

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                                                  terryk46822472 Level 1

                                                  Hi Danielle, good luck. I note your message is dated 17/01/2010.  This is 2017 and I am having the same problem. Good to see Adobe is on the ball.  104 months and Adobe still can't fix the E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS PROBLEM.



                                                  Terry Knight