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    artificating use adjustment brush-with a link to original pic


      It seems like whenever I use the adjustment brush in acr to lighten up an area I get very bad artifacting. Is this a known problem and if so hopefully will be improved in the future. My guess is I will have to select the area in photoshop and lighten the area. I always thought adjustments on the raw file are better because of being non destructive but I really have my doubts about the adjustment brush tool.


      Here is the link to the photo at original size. I would like to make a 16x20 print out of this and my thinking is the quality will not be good.



      http://expecttowin.smugmug.com/Lobo-athlete-private-gallery/Womens-Basketball/Lauren-2009- 2010/10653053_ZLtKK#741229563_UiWmr-O-LB