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    Menu selection causes software crash


      I have premiere elements 4 and recently the software crashed whenever I attempt to add menus to the project.  In the past I've been able to add menus.  Please hel if you can.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Do you have an nVidia video card?


          Many people have had similar issues. In most cases, some OS update has messed up the video driver. This is common, and with many of the recent nVidia drivers, some gamer-only modules were also getting in the way. If you have an nVidia card, get the very latest driver for it and install. Read the installation instructions well, as these can differ from card to card.


          If the problem persists, check your Hardware Acceleration. If it's at max, turn it to min. If min, turn to max. If this fixes the issue, then test by incrementing up, or down, until you get the crashes. Then, back off one increment.


          If the problem persists, check your OpenGL settings, do similar to above.


          Good luck, and hope that this helps,




          PS - also check your version of Apple QuickTime. It can cause similar problems, if too old. Plus, there have been issues with some of the 7.4.x and 7.6.x updates. So far, the "last known good" version was 7.5.5 with Adobe programs. I still am running 7.5.5 and either going up, or rolling-back, to it, has helped many Adobe users.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Also, if you used to be able to do something and you suddenly can't, the first thing to check is to ensure you have least least 30 gigs of free, freshly defragmented space on your hard drive.


            If that's fine, make sure you have the latest Windows Updates (even the optional ones) and the latest version of Quicktime.