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    Using LiveCycle with PayPpal


      Is there a way to take selections made in a LiveCycle-generated form (i.e. credit card billing) and send them to a PayPal invoice?


      We are a not-for-profit organization without anyone who has development experience or coding experience.  So we require simple explanations please.  We thank any advice anyone can give us regarding our situation.


      Our situation is as follows:  we are building a theatre and in order to raise money we have offered a campaign to sell paing stones with names engraved on them for $ 199 CAD.  We have created a form in LiveCycle that a user can select whether to purchase a paving stone or purchase a theatre seat (another ongoing campaign) or simply donate money.  Our online transactions are handled through our Website Payments Standard account with PayPal.  What we want to do is: when a user clicks on a link on our page, the form comes up as a fillable pdf form; when the user fills out the form and clicks "Submit Email", the user's Outlook pops up with our return email address in the "To" box (returned to us a PDF form, which we then manually enter into our database).  What we want to do is have that Outlook email popup with the same information, but included in the body of the email is their selections showing in a PayPal invoice.  Basically, we want the submit button to generate a PayPal invoice so that all the user has to do is fill out our form and their selections are sent to us as a filled-in pdf form (we know how to do that already) and, simultaneously, have the information sent to our account with PayPal and send a payment notification to the user. 


      Please help, any advice would be appreciated.  We want to kick off this fundraising campaign by early next week and we do not know how to accomplish this.  Thank you in advance.