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    Why does my book have a lot of 'A's in the text?


      I am new to this. I bought a Sony Ereader and successfully bought a book from WHSmiths (somebody has to and I wanted to test it out) and transferred it to the PRS600 with the Sony Elibrary software. Then I bought a book from Waterstones but first had to download and install Adobe Digital Editions which seems to be exactly the same as Elibrary. So now I have 2 libraries going. However when I transferred the latest book I noticed that the letter A kept cropping up in the text especially where there were mathematical equations and always in front of the £ sign. As the book is on maths this is not good so I phoned the Waterstones helpline who said the computer wasn't authorised although the software says it is. They've let me download the book another 2 times but the result is the same. Does this happen normally in the world of ebooks or do I have a problem ?  Any advice gratefully received.


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          Jim Lester Level 4

          If you can view the book at all in ADE (or the Sony EBL), then it's authorized to you.  If it's not authorized there will be an error: a dialog that says the book is not authorized to you (ADE), or the infamous "Protected Page" error (on the Sony Reader). (I'm not sure what Sony EBL does).


          The A seems funny. ADE will replace glyphs that it can't find in the current font with a question mark (or sometimes boxes).  This is an indication that the creator of the PDF or ePub file did not embed the font for character in either the embedded or default fonts.


          Do the A's appear in ADE, or just on the Sony Reader?

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            budgiepadlow Level 1

            Thanks Jim. The book is on the Sony Ereader and is perfectly readable for the main part, however the A (with a ~ over the top) appears occasionally, always in front of the £ sign and where the degees of an angle are written as in 90A* and sometimes in place of a long division symbol. Weird but I've been able to download the book (on maths) several times and the result is always exactly the same. Other books are fine. I note that the file seems quite large at 4.1mb as opposed to *00kb for most other books