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    Multi-cam quirk in CS4

    Bill Engeler Level 2

      I've noticed something odd when using the multi-cam window in CS4.2. I'm cutting 2 tracks of HDV 50i footage.  Everything goes fine until I want to make a change, and redo a section I have already edited.  In CS3 this never seemed to be a problem.  I move the timeline indicator back to just before the section I want to change, click space to start the timeline.  The active camera is yellow, and if I click in the frame, it turns red, and I can continue to re-edit, writing over the old cuts.


      In CS4, I'm doing exactly as above, but the monitor keeps following the old cuts, even when the frame is outlined in red.  I can add cuts all I want by clicking on the frames, but when the timeline encounters an existing cut point, it follow the old information.


      Am I unaware of some new trick to be employed, or is this a bug?