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    After Effects doesn't start (Vista)

    v Ralle v

      Hello Community,


      since yesterday my After Effects doesn't work anymore. I rendered a file and after some hours I stopped. I didn't shut my PC off, but I left for some hours. When I came back AE didn't start anymore. I just got the error message. It says that AE can't proceed anymore: an error occured while starting the application.


      I googled a lot for a solution. I read a lot about the preferences. I tried to hit ctrl+alt+shift when I started AE with no success. I found the preferences file and deleted it, but I still got the error.


      Today I reinstalled AE. But it didn't solve the problem. The were no error message anymore, just the standard windows error sound occured. After that I reinstalled all my Adobe applications, but Illustrator, Photoshop and especially AE still don't work. I have no problems with Bridge.


      I also installed the 9.0.2 Update for AE, but after that just the the error message occured again when I start AE.


      I don't know what else I can do?! I really need your help. Thanks


      I have Windows Vista with the newest updates.