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    Placed .EPS


      Hello all!  So I've noticed a problem over the years with placed .eps files in Illy.  I've just done what I needed to to work around this problem but I would like to get to the bottom of why it's happening, and this is always a very useful resource for me.


      So sometimes placed .eps files in Illy won't display at all.  The link shows in the links pallet as just a white box, you can select the link, but it will be invisible. 


      Any thoughts on this?

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          Harron K. Appleman Level 4

          EPS files are usually saved with a "preview" -- a low-resolution proxy of the content that many programs (page layout and illustration, for example) use to show size and position after the image is placed or imported. This is a holdover from the old days, when computers less powerful than today's made screen updates impossibly slow with higher resolution images. The low-resolution preview made it unnecessary to wait for an excruciating screen redraw after, for example, scrolling the page, thus enabling you to work faster. As long as print output was to a PostScript device, you got the high-resolution image, not the low-quality proxy.


          I don't know where Illustrator is at these days (and you didn't mention your AI version), but I would wager that the problem is one of two things: the EPS was saved without a preview, or the EPS was saved with a preview for a different platform. That's right. The EPS preview is in the TIFF format for Windows and PICT for Mac OS. If an EPS image was saved on a Mac then moved to a Windows PC, an application that makes use of the preview won't be able to show anything.


          If the EPS is a straight raster image, you can solve the problem by opening it in Photoshop and resaving it. If it's an Illustrator EPS, you can do the same with Illustrator.You don't even have to keep it an EPS unless you have some oddball reason for doing so.


          EPS is really an outmoded file format. See this Wiki entry for more details.