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    Suggestion for your Adobe Reader Interface.


      A suggestion for your Adobe Reader Interface that opens when a person is reading a .pdf file online.


      I realize that this is a forum and it's unlikely that anyone from Adobe, that is part of the development process, will ever see this post.


      One of the things I hate most about computer applications is that sometimes, there are some applications that are just plain tedious to operate.


      Microsoft is the ALMIGHTY MASTER at this game. For them it's either tedious or you can't read something because their outdated Dialog boxes that are not stretchable or not wide enough to view the whole text item.


      Regarding your reader: When a person is viewing a very long document your reader is very tedious to use. You either: have to keep thumbing/rotating the mouse wheel, click on a page advance arrow, use the scroll bar, tap the page button, or press the mouse wheel to scroll.




      I would love to see you implement the "pressed" mouse wheel scrolling as a toggle. Something like Firefoxes auto scroll. When you press the mouse wheel it turns the auto scroll on or off. When it is on moving the mouse will scroll the page UNTIL you press the mouse wheel again.


      For me, it is the most comfortable way to read excessively long documents.