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    Clone MovieClip

      I have several dinamically contructed MovieClips, that at a certain point wiill be selected and an exact copy of it needs to be created inside another movieclip.
      I'd like to have a code that will clone a movieclip, but since i haven't found one so far, I have to explicitlly duplicate the clip and all of its content.
      So far, i have a code that will clone the properties of the original clip (A) into the duplicated one (B); the problem is that 'A' contains at least one dinamically attached/created movieclip (A1, A2, etc), and I have no clue of how to 'duplicate' it inside 'B'.
      Right now, i am looking for a way to do this:
      originalClip.duplicateMovieClipInto(containerClip, newName)
      If originalClip.subClip1:MovieClip exists, then, containerClip.subClip1:MovieClip should exist

      Thnx in advance