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    Help with Flash.


      Hi guys, i have a flash template  .fla file. I have adobe flash cs4 How can i edit it? I do not know flash. I can open it with flash but how i make it editable?I can change some texts but not all of it and i can not change some pictures.Do i needt to split it to a separate parts first???

      Thank you

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have the fla file and Flash cs4, and there are no other files that came along with it, then everything you need to change will be in the fla file, it's just a matter of finding things.  Some things might be readily visible, while others might be invisible on the stage or loaded dynamically or created using code.  What I recommend is that you first save a copy of the fla file so that you have the original intact.  Then take the copy of it and explore it without fear of breaking it... if you do, you have to original to create a new copy.


          To see all of what's on the stage you want to click the eye icon at the top left of the timeline so that all of the layers are made visible.  If you don't find the item you need to change, then you might be able to find it if you go thru the library.  It may be possible that code is used to define some of the content, for instance, buttons may have labels assigned to them via code.  To look thru the code you need to have the Actions panel open (Window -> Actions) and then click on keyframes that have a lowercase "a" in them.