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    File.modificationDate is readonly


      I have an air app that will download files from a server.  The files on the server have a particular date and I need to maintain that date when writing them to the client.  File.modificationDate is readonly so is there any way to force a date on a file when you write it.  My previous app was an activeX.  I was able to do this using a windows api.  However, I'm converting my app to Air to make work on the Mac as well.

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          Robert Christensen Level 2

          Hi Mark,


          This is currently not supported in AIR 2. We are given very serious consideration to adding this soon though.


          If you are able to share, why do you need to maintain the same modification dates -- are you creating some kind of file synchronization like application?


          Rob Christensen

          Product Manager, Adobe AIR

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            markdemich Level 1

            Thanks for responding so fast.


            I work for Pearson Education.  One of our webisites is called "MyMathLab".  Amongst other things, this website allows students to practice math exercises from their textbook.  These exercises are algorithmic in nature and are authored offline using a custom built authoring tool and played online using a flash-based custom built player.   The result is we have an xml file for each exercise.  All these files are managed by a custom built web application.  We have around a million files right now to manage.  Part of the functionality of this website is to act as kind of a source control for these files.  Authors check out the files, edit them and check them back in.  This is where the Air app comes in.  The authors use the air app to communicate with the site through webservices to download these files to their client machines.  When the files were originally uploaded by the authors, I stored their original file modifcation date on the server, so when they download them again, I would like to maintain that date.  This is one way the authors note which files changed or not.


            As I mentioned before, this app used to be an ActiveX control where I was able to do this.  It would be real nice to still be able to do this while using an air app.  If air is going to eventually replace native apps, I think having this feature is a step in the right direction.  I hope you decide to add it SOON.