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    Very long render time for something that used to only take a few minutes


      I worked on a project earlier in the year that was about 7 minutes long, containes a number of still photos, stock video clips (.mov), MP3s, etc. Nothing too intensive overall going on in this project.


      Back in April when I worked on this, it took about 10-12 minutes for this video to render. Today, I had to make a couple of minor changes (changing a phone number and URL) but when I go to render it, with the same settings, it took 1 hour and 30 minutes. Same computer, same settings, but now it's taking almost 10x longer to render.


      The only "major" change to my computer was the addition of a RAID drive which I put all my AE projects on now. Just for the heck of it, I moved this project back to the main hard drive, but it still takes forever to render.


      I've noticed this phenomenon recently on other older projects that I've had to go back into and update, but nothing this extreme.


      I'm using After Effects CS4, Mac OS 10.5.8, Mac Pro 3 GHz Quad-Core x 2, 8 GB RAM (I need more!).  If it means anything, I've noticed that my MacBook Pro has been rendering faster than this Mac Pro lately. That can't be right...


      Not sure what to check out at this point in time.