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    Why can't Adobe make Flash to control WMV?


      I like to use Flash video but my company only allows WMV. IT actually wants people to use Silverlight. I would prefer continue using Flash. If Flash can control WMV, then I can continue using Flash for video purpose. I understand that Adobe wants people to buy Flash Media streaming server, but why can't Adobe just allow Flash to control WMV in a progressive download mode?


      Any 3rd party extension that allows this?



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          There isn't - to my knowledge - any way of playing a WMV in flash, and this has nothing to do with the streaming server.  If you buy the streaming server, you still can't use WMV.  Its not built in to the player.


          WMV is owned by Microsoft, and would need to be licensed ($$) to be included in any plug-ins not also owned by Microsoft.

          H.264 (the standard of online video) is open, and usable without cost.  Not only can you play any H.264 content with the flashPlayer, you can also play it with Silverlight, and Quicktime.