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    Font issues when publishing (PPT 2007, Presnter 7)?

      Following the upgrade to Presenter 7 and PowerPoint 2007 when I try to publish, the presentation seems to lose the fonts that were selected, replacing them with a more universal font, thus distorting the spacing and formatting of the presentation. Text overlaps in some places, no longer fits on a single line as it appears in PPT, and generally looks very messy

      The fonts in question are part of our presentation company branding: Minion Pro, Avenir LT 65 Med, Avenir LT 35 Light, Avenir LT 45 Book.

      Just a few weeks back, we were able to publish these same fonts through PPT 2003 and the previous version of Presenter without any problem. Has anyone experienced these issues or have any suggestions to fix this? Is Presenter 7 font-sensitive? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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          Can you please check that :
          Are these fonts installed on the conversion server?
          If the answer to previous question is yes- Is changing theme of the presentation solves your problem?
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            new2connect Level 1
            I'm sorry - I'm not really sure what a "conversion server" is. We are using the Adobe Connect Hosted account, so I'm guessing you are referring to Adobe's server, in which case I don't know, but it seems like the answer is that the server does not have these fonts installed.

            Strangely enough, just about a month ago before making the upgrade to PPT 2007 and Presenter 7, I never had an issue with these same fonts.

            I'll take a look at using a different theme to see if that affects it at all. Thanks for the thoughts!
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              goelnitin Level 1
              Let me put some question. That will help me to diagnose the cause and help you better.
              1. Are you getting this problem with any newly created presentation in PPT2007 having text written in these fonts.
              2. Is the size of published font in the problemtic PPTX is different from the published output or its only the font that is different.
              3. Is publishing locally(via powerpoint add-in) works fine (if you have presenter and these fonts installed on your machine).
              Let me know if changing theme solves your problem or not.

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                new2connect Level 1
                Thanks for your reply.

                I'll try to answer your questions below:
                1. As a test, I created a new presentation using our fonts. I screen-captured the presentation when in PowerPoint slideshow, and again in Adobe's Presenter player to illustrate the differences in font, size and spacing. I don't think I can attach items to this message. Is there some way to post them or send them to you? Maybe you can PM me your email and I can send them that way?

                2. Size and font are an issue. Generally, the spacing becomes distorted, meaning the layout of the entire presentation looks far worse in the on-demand player than on screen in PPT.

                3.Whether I publish to my computer and playback output, publish to my computer as zip and upload to Adobe Connect, or publish directly to Connect, it seems to have the same problem. The screen capture I have of the player was created by publishing to my computer and playing back output (unzipped).

                Unfortunately changing the theme did not seem to affect this problem.

                Thanks again!
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                  goelnitin Level 1
                  Just to be clear about your problem :
                  Are you getting this problem publishing .ppt or .pptx file via Presenter 7. Powerpoint 2007 gives you the option to save the file as "Powerpoint Presentation (.pptx)" or "Powerpoint 97-2003 presentation (.ppt)" .
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                    new2connect Level 1
                    Saved as pptx. The leading/spacing seems to be problematic in other fonts too, including Arial. It seems that Presenter 7 with PPT 2007 (as pptx file) doesn't retain the spacing and leading formatting as seen in PPT.

                    Does anyone know of a good way to ensure that the layout in PPT is correctly displayed in Presenter (7) player?

                    The only workaround I've found so far is to take the slide deck that was originally created in 2007 and save it as a 2003-compatible deck (risking the loss of updated features from PPT 2007), and creating the Presenter on-demand piece in PPT 2003. There must be a better way...
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                      I'm having a similar issue with PPT2007 (pptx) and the Presenter trial...any presentation i have in pptx format fails to convert correctly and is not rendered right...If i save the same file as a ppt then publish with presenter all is right with the world...while that is a usable workaround...it not very elegant.