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    CS4 issues on Windows 7

    diehard bob

      I just installed Windows 7 yesterday (64 bit), And after installing both After Effects and Premiere Pro, I've had problems with both. My issue with After effects is that after running the installer, the program shortcuts didn't show up. I went looking around for the location I installed After Effects to, and found that a large majority of the files After Effects creates when it is installed were empty. From here, I went into the control panel, and although it lists After Effects as an installed program, if I attempt to uninstall it, the uninstaller just sits there/the progress bar doesn't move at all. Also, I have attempted a repair-install, but this hasn't changed anything.


      So I don't know what to do now.. The program is installed, yet I can't open it or uninstall it. My problem with Premiere is different, as it shows up, but gives me an error when I try to open it. But I'll take that over to the premiere fourm.


      Anyway, Any help/ideas appreciated.

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          ChrisProsser Adobe Employee

          It sounds like the install did not work correctly. I personally am running on Win7/64 with CS4 Master Collection.


          Are you installing onto the C: drive in the default location?



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I agree with Chris. The only times I have seen this behavior is when you install in non-standard locations, but already have other Adobe programs on your system that are. In that case you will create a mess with shared components that may prevent successful install of the rest... Can you provide more info on what exactly you do and your system config?