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    Various axis modes, all seem the same?!

    DON BOSKO Level 1

      There are 3 axis modes (local, world & view axis modes) when we work on 3D layers in After Effects. I could not find the differents between them, all seem the same for me! I read the help contents, but there does not seem to be enough explanation about the axis modes.


      Can anyone please explain me the axis modes or guide me any esay to understand resources about them (preferably with images or videos)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Did you see my explanation here? That aside, of course you need a proper 3D camera to see differences in the axis modes. If there is no camera layer, screen space and world space will coincide due to how AE assumes that your comp would be an imaginary camera view wit ha defualt orientation. That being so, you would also not see differences even in local mode, as likewise, the layers' default orientation would be aligned with the camera view...