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    Cropping video

    Peter Studt Level 1

      I am using premiere pro cs4, in windows vista home premium.


      I was wondering what people think is the best work around to show video that does not fill the viewing area, and is cropped?


      It is easy enough to present multiple pictures on the screen, but it is much less easy to digitally zoom into these 'pictures' without them growing larger, and if I wanted to change the shape of them (say from rectangular to square), they get distorted.


      Looking forward to something obvious that I missed in premiere, but half expecting to be directed to after effects... Coming from a stills background cropping is as basic as it comes, but video i realise is not stills.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          I think you are mixing up some things. Image size, zooming and cropping are different animals altogether. Since you come from a photographic background, let me try to explain this from a photo point of view.


          You have a photo with 3000 x 2000 pixels to start with. That is image size. You can print this photo on 6" x 4" paper or on 12"x 8" paper or any other dimension and that does not change the image size. What does change is the display size. Now if you were to print this image on 12"x 8" paper but then cut off a portion on all sides (left and right 3" and top and bottom 2") so you end up with paper of 6" x 4" then you effectively zoomed in on the image in comparison to the original 6"x 4" image. If on the other hand you start with the print of 12" x 8" and you do not want to zoom in, but adjust the display dimension to say 8" x 8", you crop left and right by 2"each. You do not change the image size, you do not zoom in but only crop and effectively use 2000 x 2000 pixels of the original image size by leaving out 1000 pixels in the horizontal dimension.


          Given this explanation, can you tell what you want to achieve using the proper terminology.

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            Peter Studt Level 1

            Hi there Harm, thanks for your reply.


            Using your terms, I would like to have part of our 3000x2000 image, printed on part of our 12"x8" paper.


            Perhaps for example a 1000x1000 'crop' of the original image (from any part of the image), printed onto a 5"x5" square in some part of the 12"x8" sheet of paper. The remaining parts of the paper I will put other images (or parts of images), or I might leave them artistically blank in places etc


            I hope that clarifies my intentions?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              Taking your example, 3000 x 2000 image cropped to 1000 x 1000 requires the crop effect under Transform. You cut off left/right and top/bottom till you have 1000 x 1000 remaining. Now you go in the effect controls panel to Motion/Scale and Motion/Position to adjust size and location.


              Coming from a 12"x 8" display size and cropping 66.7% horizontally and 50% vertically would leave you with a 4" x 4" display, so if that were to fit in a 5"x 5" display, you have to increase the scale to 125% (which will mean a quality hit by zooming in) and then position the image on the canvas.


              I hope this explains it.

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                Peter Studt Level 1


                Bravo, the Crop effect had evaded my notice until now.

                It does exactly what I require, that's awesome!


                Yet again this forum has come through for me!

                Thanks for your help.