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    stage.quality in AIR vs. FLEX


      I am trying to resize bitmaps. To get the smoothest possible down-sized images, I temporarily change stage.quality to BEST, do the scaling, then revert the quality to HIGH:


      stage.quality = StageQuality.BEST;

      targetBitmapData.draw(sourceBitmapData, matrix, null, null, null, true);

      stage.quality = StageQuality.HIGH;


      The code when run in a flex application results in a super smooth scaled down image. But similar quality smoothing is not applied when the same code is run in Air application. It seems that AIR runtime doesn't go beyond quality.HIGH because even when set to quality.BEST, it's performance is similar to quality.HIGH in flex.


      I am using Flex SDK 3.2 and AIR SDK 1.5.3


      Someone please help!