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    Encoding Project to HD Quality


      Hello all,

      We are a small high school in Massachusetts in deep with HD Video...with shallow knowledge of Premiere CS4/Encoding/etc.

      We are shooting great quality AVHCD video with the new Panasonic HMC-40 Camcorder.(football/basketball games)

      We have encoded the .mts files using the Canopus encoding software that came bundled with the camcorder(Edius Neo)

      The quality of the .avi (1440 x 1080) is beautiful....burn on a DVD and it is still stunning on a 54" Flatscreen.


      We have taken the .avi over to Premiere to put in a title and to edit out some dead spots.  We want to stay with Adobe products to further enhance the output.



      When we encode the edited video there is a dramatic dropoff in quality. (mpg2---1440 x 1080)


      What we have attempted:

      • Drop the .mts files into Premiere-We don't have enough CPU to handle even the basic edit......at the same time Premiere handles the HD quality .avi's from the Canopus encoder


      • Ran thru every preset in the Adobe Media Encoder ....did not get close to the same results as the original .avi.


      Help!...is there a method of encoding in CS 4 to get HD quality results to a DVD?