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    AS CS3: finding the place point of a snippet

    allisonblake Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for all the help you've been providing lately. I'm so thankful for this forum!

      The latest stumper for me:

      I know I can place a snippet file and specify the place point.

      If I don't specify a place point, the snippet is placed in the same position as when the snippet was created.

      Is there a way to script what that default "in original position" place point is: eg, set {x,y} to default place point?

      In certain circumstances I want to place the snippet with a certain offset from its original position.

      I don't want to hard code the place point as different snippets will use different place points, but they'll all be offset by the same amount.

      eg, place theFile place point {x-30, y}

      I hope this makes sense.