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    Captivate 4 - Correct Answer Issue?




      I am new to Captivate 4 and have just created a quiz for students.


      After creating the quiz, I deliberately chose a wrong answer, so that I could see the correct answer
      at the end of the quiz.  But, the correct answer is hidden under the user buttons.


      So, based on my issue, is there a way to fix the quiz, so that the "correct answer box or field" appears in front of the user buttons?


      Is there a global way of fixing all of the slides in my presentation, when it comes to the fields, placement of the boxes and so forth.  In other words,

      can I apply a Captivate template against my presentation to correct issues with text size, layout and so on?


      Thanks in advance for any solutions.





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          I'm not sure to understand your question. Did you use the CP-Question slides? And when you mention "users button" are those the provided Submit, Clear... buttons? Perhaps you could post a screenshot (use the small camera icon in the toolbar please, so we can see the screenshot right away) of what you are seeing?