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    Is Lingo Scripted Morpher still useable?


      I found an old xtra called Lingo Scripted Morpher that a fellow named Damien O'Connell wrote and made available free an number of years ago.  One component of it is a MaxScript exporter that creates a text file from morph animations in 3DS Max.  That file can then be imported into Director and is used by a number of coordinated behaviors he wrote to re-create the morph animation in Director.  The example files I downloaded from his site work beautifully for me in Director and really seem to offer a nice solution for expressive, lip-synced characters.  The problem for me is that I can't get the Max exporter to work.  The exporter file he wrote is self-installing and the correct dialog box comes up when I try to run MaxScript but the export option buttons are greyed out and unavailable.  I know almost nothing about MaxScript.  Even though I looks to me as if things are working correctly ( right up to the point where they don't work) it certainly is possible that I'm doing something wrong and I would dearly love to know if I can correct it.  If the Max exporter is too old, it would be great if one of you clever guys could update it because this is a tantalizing xtra.