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    Preview mode frozen

    rickaltman Level 1

      I purchased my license for the trial version of PREL 8 yesterday and successfully completed my first project. All was well. For every subsequent project, however, the Preview window does not function.


      - I hear the audio, but the image does not move.


      - If I pause, the window catches up and shows the current image.


      - If I manually move the cursor through the timeline, the image will keep up.


      - If I export, the exported video file plays fine.


      - If I return to that first completed project, its preview window performs normally.


      Across four new projects, however, that first one is the ONLY one that performs correctly. All other imported video clips (m2t files from a Kodak camcorder or AVIs captured from a Sony) produce this frozen-preview-window behavior. Can anyone help to explain and resolve this behavior?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You could have a couple of things going on, Rick.


          First, how fast is your processor, how much RAM do you have and how much free space is on your C drive? This could be a hardware resource issue.


          Second, which operating system are you using? Windows 7 64-bit is not yet evolved enough to use with this program. (Its 64-bit drivers are not yet compatible.)


          Third, it could be a problem with your videos. You say your video is from a Kodak camcorder? This is not likely a miniDV, HDV or AVCHD camcorder, and it may not be a video format that this program can work with successfully. Many pocket hi-def camcorders (like the Flip or Webbie) for instance, use proprietary codecs and their video needs to be converted to a more standard format in order for Premiere Elements to work with it.

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            rickaltman Level 1

            Thank you, Steve.


            This machine is an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU running at 2.66Ghz with 3.25Gb of RAM. It is running Windows XP Pro. I have over 200Gb free on my C drive and over 50Gb free on my data drive.


            My camcorder IS an AVCHD and Pre 3 has had no problems whatsoever with chewing on its video format. And as I said, my first project went off just fine (and continues to playack in the preview window with no problems). But subsequent projects, with the EXACT SAME video files, exhibit the frozen preview.


            This feels like an environmental problem, like something has happened to the software. Is there a lobotomy I can perform on Pre8, short of a reinstall? Is there a cache file or some other temp location that I can dump?


            After years of trouble-free operation in Pre 3, I find myself with regret for having made the move up to 8. I would rather not feel that way...

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              rickaltman Level 1

              Here is a follow-up with a bit more information:


              I just captured some video from an old Sony digital camcorder. Pre8 captured the video just fine and in the capture window, the video previewed with no issues at all. Once the capture was complete and the video was added to the project and timeline, the same frozen preview problem arose.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I'm not sure why this is happening, Rick -- especially with all your power!


                Does my FAQ on my experience with version 8 offer any help?


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                  rickaltman Level 1

                  I appreciate reading your FAQ, Steve. The fact that the software behaved well on my first project and has since become unusable is troubling to me and does not suggest that my hardware is to blame.


                  I need a bit of history, as I am playing catch-up from version 3. Does version 8 represent a radical upgrade/departure from previous versions? Is there an intermediate version, perhaps 7, that might be a more stable platform for me, while still representing better functionality than 3. I will say that the Flash export in 8 is vastly superior to 3. But at what cost? That question nags at me...

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    When something works one day, but not the next, then something has changed.


                    The fact that the software behaved well on my first project and has since become unusable is troubling to me and does not suggest that my hardware is to blame.


                    Actually, no. A simple OS hot-fix, or update, can render parts of one's system unstable for certain operations. As editing video stresses one's system more than about any other operation, these instabilities can become very evident quickly.


                    That does not mean that your system IS at fault, only that so much can happen to change it, that I don't think I'd rule that out too quickly. What has changed? Have you installed any new software? Have you installed any new hardware? Have you updated anything regarding your OS? Some of these can seem harmless and unrelated, but can have major impact.


                    Is there any difference between your Project Preset now, and with that first one? Is there any difference between the Assets used in that first Project, and what you are using now?


                    Sometimes, "the devil is in the details." A fix could be a simple as a Project Preset change, or allowing Windows to update.


                    Good luck,



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                      rickaltman Level 1

                      I can think of no change to my system that has taken place. Whatever happened almost literally took place in the few moments inbetween two projects. No Windows update occurred and no additional software was installed.


                      But a project preset...now that's possible. I am not as adept with Pre to say for certain that I didn't do anything to have caused this. And that calls my earlier question: Is there a way that I can reset presets to factory without having to uninstall and reinstall? What is the standard project preset used out of the box? How can I get back to that?

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Actually, the Presets are at factory default. What one does is choose from a list. Unfortunately, PrE does not allow one to change Project Presets in mid-Project.


                        I'd look carefully at your media, noting all aspects of it. If you do not have that info handy, the freeware utility, G-Spot, will give you all of the info. Then, with that list of attributes, do Project New, and look at the Presets. Match those with the files' attributes. Import those Assets and try again. Most of the choices are pretty clear, but with the number of variations available, one does have to check the details to make sure that all attributes are covered, down to the Audio portion of the Assets.


                        Good luck, and hope that it's just a Project Preset - some look the same in the title, but have differences contained within.



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                          digitalreply Level 1



                          You might wanna try using AVCHD project presets.