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    Problem with sendAndLoad() that connect to external domain


      This was working perfertly fine before, but I believe the release of Flash Player 10 caused this stop working, since Nov 2009.

      The sendAndLoad works only if I connect to the same domain page, but in this case, i need to post the lead in Salesforce.com which is in different domain.


      Does anyone has the similar issue?

      Is that anything I need to add in the meta-policy? Can someone help please?


      Here is my code in Flash:


      submitURL = "http://www.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.WebToLead?encoding=UTF-8&oid=00D3000000xxxxx&fir st_name=" + this.first_name.text + "&last_name=" + this.last_name.text + "&title=" + this.title.text + "&company=" + this.company.text + "&city=" + this.city.text + "&country=" + country + "&phone=" + this.phone.text + "&email=" + this.email.text + ";


      sf_lead = new LoadVars();
      sf_lead.sendAndLoad(submitURL, sf_lead, "POST");


      Thx in advance!