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    Morphing from one symbol to the another using Motion Tweens


      Hello flash universe,


      I am fairly new to flash and I'm currently using CS4 to create shape tweens that morph from a shape (in my case an astroid, not to be confused with an asteroid) to text that I have broken apart into individual shapes.  This works very well with the shape tweens; however, I would like to use symbols instead of shapes for my tween.


      Naturally, I converted my shape and my broken apart text to symbols and then set up a motion tween.  My research has told me that you cannot morph from one symbol to another using ANY tween, but this would not make sense to me.


      Am I missing how to actually do this? If it is true that you cannot morph between symbols, then why on earth hasn't Adobe made a way to do this.  If I need to substitute one shape for another in a flash video, and I have this shape in 100s of frames in the video, there is NO way to quickly find and replace those shapes, especially if you've duplicated the the several (20) times in each frame.


      I pray that the Adobe gods will grant me a solution.  Thank you for your suggestions in advance