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    skin does not show up when incorporating .flv file (Captivate 4)

    nuguyhillside Level 1

      Hey folks, I am tired of beating my head on the wall, so here is my situation:


      I am attempting to have Captivate 4 call up a .flv file.  I am using Captivate's built-in feature to associate this file to the Captivate project.  Everything seems to go fine, but when I publish - no dice.  A skin .swf is created, but does not appear in the published project.  Blank space where the skin shows up in the raw project and the preview of the project.


      I have checked addresses.  I have tried relative and absolute paths. I have re-done everything. I cannot make this work. It may well be something simple and foolish, but I am getting rather frustrated.  I have searched the forums for this type of issue.  I did see some conversation about a skin with underscores ("_") having difficulty, or missing "metadata".  I am using the skin Captivate is choosing (which has an underscore in it) so am curious why this is an issue, and my brain explodes when I try to understand metadata...


      My primary goal is to simply get the flv to play in a published Captivate 4 project.


      Please help!




         - nuguy