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    flex application with sql oracle backend.

    miguel8312 Level 3

      Hello everyone im a real noob on flex builder , but im not a noob to programing i

      have several years experience building web apps with plsql , .net, java, and s

      o forth .

      here is my question it looks like for every example I've seen where i would like to used flex builder to make a call to an oracle database  i need to use a  web service or an http service.

      I'm i right? if it is i just cant believe it!!! with asp.net you can make an odbc connection or used an oracle API , or oledb i mean with other languages you can do this right in the application. same with java, classic asp...


      is anyone else doing this withouth a web service if you are can you please help a young noob i know there is got to be something im missing.

      thanks in advance


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          msakrejda Level 4

          Flex is more like JavaScript than like .NET or Java (i.e., it runs in the user's web browser). As far as I know, you cannot connect directly to Oracle from JavaScript, and in most situations, allowing this would present serious security problems (your database server is typically not accessible directly by your end-users).

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            pauland Level 4

            You have to consider where flex is running - the client. Where is Oracle?  The server. Now consider that the two need to communicate over the network - that's why Flex doesn't directly call Oracle - that and the fact it would be a security problem since flex applications don't behave like html page based applications.

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              miguel8312 Level 3

              thank you guys i guess thats what im confused about. if flex application only run

              on the client this makes alot of sense. does anyone have an example of how to get this done? I like to use flex builder because of its Rich user interface but it looks like I'm giving up functionality.