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    Problem connecting mac windows


      Hi, I'm having one problem connecting between mac to windows. My windows computer is connected via ethernet cable to a Dlink router and the mac is connected to the same router via wlan. Otherwise, on the mac it works well locally and when connecting to the outside with my friend's linux computer. Also, windows-to-another-remote-windows seems to work, but not always. Is there a way to test and resolve these things? Anyone else had issues connecting between different operating systems or connecting in a home/lab network?


      p.s. Someone should host a Stratus "bakeoff" event next year where we could test our apps .




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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          most likely this is a double-NAT issue (that is, NAT inside an already NAT-ed network) combined with your router not supporting "NAT hairpin".


          i suspect that your router is doing NAT for your ethernet, and that the WLAN portion has an address on that ethernet network but then does its own NAT for the wireless network.  your mac (on the WLAN) has a local interface address on the WLAN that isn't directly reachable by your windows computer (on the wired ethernet).  your mac *would* have the WLAN's outside-NAT address that Stratus would usually be able to see and tell the windows computer about, but that address is translated again by your router's NAT before Stratus sees it.  to Stratus, both your mac and your windows computer appear to have the same IP address (the outside-NAT address of your router) but with different UDP ports.  "hairpinning" is when your router can take a packet from the NAT side with a destination of its own outside-NAT address and a different translation's UDP port, and send it back through the NAT to the inside and to the other translated host (in this case, your WLAN).  if your router doesn't support hairpinning, then that communication path can't work.  since all other addresses are translated, no direct connections are possible, so no communications are possible.


          multiple layers of NAT is one of the banes of P2P communication.


          you might be able to change your WLAN from NAT to bridge mode, which would effectively make your WLAN the same as the wired ethernet.  in that case, your mac and windows computers should be able to see each other directly.