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    Update and activation problem




      I rarely post here so apologies if this is a common problem - I have searched for an answer!



      I have CS4 Master Collection loaded on my main PC and my laptop. They are both test installs as I use CS3 and an Axio LE card for my main edit system on XP. I have installed the one copy on both machines as I intend to either use it in the office or on location, deactivating the one I'm not using.

      However today I noticed on the Matrox forum that there is an update for CS4, so I tried to force the update by going to 'help - update' but it was greyed out along with the activate/deactivate button. So I went to my laptop and it was the same!

      Strangely I can open BOTH the main PC and the laptop versions of Premiere at the same time!

      I can even download the update directly from the Adobe site and it says it cannot load.


      Can anyone enlighten me on this?


      Yes it is a fully legit paid for version!