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    Problem linking to PDF file from generated help

      I am using RoboHelp HTML, Version 7.02 to create WebHelp, and I cannot open a PDF file that I linked to some text in a topic. (I created a PDF file that contains all of the help system's topics so users can print them all.)

      I can open the PDF file just fine when I preview the topic, but I cannot open the PDF file from the generated help system. (I set up the link to open in a new window.) When I click the link for the PDF file, nothing happens, not even an error message. If I right-click the link and select Properties from the menu, the Properties dialog box shows the following path to the file:

      file:///C:/Users/Myname/Documents/My%20RoboHelp%20Projects/project%20folder%20 name/!SSL!/WebHelp/print_all_help_topics.pdf

      To create the link, I first copied the PDF file into my project folder, Then I right-clicked the Baggage Files folder and selected New>Baggage File, and clicked Open to add the file to my Baggage Files folder. Then I dragged the file name from the Baggage Files folder onto the selected text in my topic, saved all and generated the WebHelp.

      Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this problem? Thanks!