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    Why on two computers, ArialNarrowBold is missing (adminstrator can open; but not non-administrators)


      I have two odd and frustrating problems involving only two DELL desktops that for the most part only Freelancers use.


      Both computers have CS2.  When an ai.file tries to open up, i get the following msg: "FONT PROBLEMS, ArialNarrowBold: Default Font Substituted for Missing Font."



      Recently, when i had an employee sit at one of these computers, i had him try to open up an ai.file using his log in, and he got the message too; as does any freelancer using freelancer login ID at these two computers...no other computer in our studio has this issue.


      Our outsourced IT company has done as much as they can e.g. make sure fonts are not restricted, etc...but everything is ok


      The second odd problem is that when an Administrator logs on with Adm rights, the msg does not appear.


      I have unistalled CS2; reinstalled, and the same msg appears.


      Adobe Tech support said they do not support CS2 and told me to try the forum..so i am...i hope somone has an answer or insight to why this is happening.


      thank you - hope this made sense to someone out there!