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    Start and ending images at Captivate 4

    A Valdez

      Hi there, I'm just getting started with Captivate 4, I sucessfully created a screen capture (video) and exported it as a swf file that I can see in browser.


      I noticed that after playing the captured animation, the swf viewer shows a white screen, and I'm wondering if there is a way to show an image, or something else that a white screen after the movie have ended (*).


      Thanks in advance, Alex


      (*) For example, after playing a video in youtube the flash viewer shows links to other videos, I would like to do something like that.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Did I understand well that you made a capture in Full Motion Recording? Just a tip: CP is much better when recording Automatically, which means that it takes static screen shots as much as necessary and only uses FMR when necessary (p.e. for drag and drop actions, mouse movement etc). This not only has the advantage of leading to much smaller file size but makes edting quite a lot easier: you have much more control (being a control freak, I like that aspect ).


          Even with your FMR recording, you can insert slides before and after the slide (or slides, depending on the length of your recording). Go into Edit view, choose Insert, Blank slide. In the Filmstrip you can move the slide. Put on the slide the wanted image. It will normally be timed 3sec (have a look at the timeline). If you want to pause the slide until the user clicks, you could insert a click box or a button. Both can also be used to make a link to a URL. Get a look at the properties of a button/click box: you'll find a lot of actions that can be performed when clicked (On success), one of these is 'Open URL'.


          You can also indicate which action has to be made when the project finishes: Edit, Preferences, Project, Start and End. But a lot depends there also on the way you publish the movie.