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    PE8 evaluation period suddenly gone




      I'm evaluation PE8 for 4 days now.

      In the beginning a crashing PE8. After updating my Nvidia GTS250 driver to 195.62 things worked better.

      Till today when I wanted to make a MPEG for viewing on the PC. When PE8 starts rendering, my WIndows 7 64 bits completely freezes.

      I have to do a hard reset. So reading some forum threads on the Nvidia thread switch (from auto to off) and disabling the GPU playback (edit/preferences), I restarted PE8 and no more question on the eval period. I have to give in the serialnumber

      Some one got a clue? Or should I just re-install?


      The thread on the Nvidia driver 195.81 is good. However, it seems that it is still a beta.


      Best regards.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          It sounds like something has killed the clock/calender that keeps track of the evaluation time. Unfortunately, there is no hope of a reinstall with the trial on that computer. One gets one installation of a trial and no more. What caused the clock to quit? Sorry, but I have no clue. Even resetting your computer's calender will not help here, as the "clock" on the trial is separate.


          Now, I do not think that Adobe offers any T/S for the trial, but you might try to contact the Customer Support department (not Technical Support), and ask. All they can say is either "no," or "sorry but there is no C/S for the trial version."


          Good luck,



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            rvandergraaf Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Hunt.

            I also read the info on the Adobe website. Sometimes this happens and then sorry. No new evaluation.

            You can only install the copy on a different computer. For I have only one, party is over with Premiere to eval.

            And I'm not going to invest 99 USD on Premiere if I it crashes all the time when creating a movie.


            Next eval will be Magix Video Deluxe. To bad Premiere could not get a good eval time. I like Adobes products.




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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I use Magix MovieEdit Pro (cannot recall the version now), CyberLink PowerDirector, PrE 4 and PrPro 2.0. I use the first two as tools, not totally unlike PrE, as I do most editing in PrPro. I find that editing is a bit tough for me in the first two, but many do like them. Same for Pinnacle Studio (current version).


              One thing to consider is that Adobe offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, if one purchases PrE and returns it within the time span. That is like a second evaluation.


              Still do not know what happened to your 30-day trial period. That's a mystery.


              Good luck, and let us know which program you decide on.



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                digitalreply Level 1

                You can try deleing the cache.db file, present at - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache, and try relaunching the app.