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    Flex module cache problem


      I have a flex application with multiple modules that load on demand.  The module to load is controlled by selecting buttons in an Accordian navigator.  This mechanism has been working smoothly for two years, but with our late October deployment, we started having a problem with the module load.  Instead of loading and displaying on the canvas, the module does not show up.  The user must clear his browser cache and refresh, and then the module will load.


      This was a fairly uncommon problem at first, but more and more users are reporting it now.  It has never happend on a development machine, only on the production servers.


      We have redeployed since the problem started, and it is persistant.  I thought perhaps it was because some of the modules were compiled with "do not optimize," but I recompiled the last deployment with all modules optimized for the main App, and it is still happening.


      Oddly, it looks like the module loads - the loading page is able to call a method on it to get the module's title to display - but the module itself does not display.  Has anyone seen this behavior with modules?   Any help is appreciated, as I will be spending my Christmas "vacation" trying to fix this.