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    Style AdvancedDataGrid Summary Rows

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      I have an AdvancedDataGrid with summary rows. Everything works fine, but the user wants the summary rows bolded, so the totals stand out even when the categories are expanded. There don't seem to be any style properties, itemRenderers, or labelFunctions associated with any level of a GroupingCollection. How can I do this?





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          I figured it out, so here it is for posterity:


          I had to use the AdvancedDataGridColumn's styleFunction, and test the row object for a "GroupLabel" property. If it exists, bold the row, like below:


                    protected function boldSummaryRows(row:Object, column:AdvancedDataGridColumn):Object {
                          var styleObject:Object = new Object;
                              styleObject.fontWeight = 'bold';
                          return styleObject;