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    Alignment of elements

    John Hall Level 4

      Does alignment not work (from the Design menu item). When I try to align two textinput fields using the menu choice, it toggles between two misaligned states. If it is working for most people I'll need to figure out if it's a specific interaction with the tab navigator container.

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          cyber0897 Level 1

          you could try using the form for a better alignment...this link has more information



          or you could set the x and y attributes manually...

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            David_F57 Level 5



            There shouldn't be any issues with the alignment option, what you could try is placing the components in a group and see what effect that has. If you have controls that are placed in multiple states then you need to align them for each state.(behaviour is the same whether aligning inside a tab navigator or any other layout component.


            Just out of interest when you compile the application are you getting any strange warnings or errors ?



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              John Hall Level 4

              I was able to go back one version and all seemed OK. What happened, though I don't know how, is that I had a componont I was working on put included in the focus of the alignment was another component not on the screen, as if it affected the main container of the app that imports both components. All children of that parent container were affected in a text right align and that seemed to cause all sorts of problems. Now if I can repro how in the world I can include another component not even open in the editor in the selection of a menu-driven action, that would be great. However, I'm going to call it operator error and somehow I had more selected than what I was seeing.