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    ADE does not install on my Intel based Mac


      I went to this page to install Adobe Digial Editions on my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.2

      <http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/> There are three problems on this page.


      1. After clicking the "Launch" button I get a message that reads:

      Adobe Digital Editions can't be installed on this computer.
      This Installation will only work with Intel based Macintoshes.


      I own a very new Mac Book Pro running SnowLeopard. Definitely an Intel based chipset.


      2. Tried downloading the installer to do a manual installation via the Download link at top right of page but the link does not work. Nothing downloadable there.


      3. There is a link below the Launch button that reads, "If you have trouble installing Digital Editions, see the installation TechNote."


      Clicking the link takes me to a 404 File Not Found page.


      I called AppleCare Support to see if there was something wrong on my end. They are happy to report, nope, its all Adobe. They can't install it either and they are experiencing all three problems listed above too.


      I believe I've tried pretty much everything a person can do and would still like to install Adobe Digial Editions please. IMO, it should have come with my installation of CS4. Anyway, I hope Adobe will make it so Mac users can install Digital Editions. Thanks.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          You are booting in 64 bit mode.  Boot in 32 bit mode and do the install.  Then you can back to booting into 64 bit mode.

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            pcgs Level 1

            You are very likely correct.


            That is one of the considerations I suggested to AppleCare. But somewhere it was lost in the discussion. AppleCare support runs in 64 bit there too so he wouldn't be able to install any better than I. However, that would be a good thing to include in a troubleshooting doc linked from that page. Anything would be better than nothing at this point. I will check after a successful install and report whether or not it worked for me.