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    Splitting single video into multiple files - workflow improvements?

    aukevin Level 1

      I regularly need to split a single video into multiple separate files that are used by other programs.  I'm using Premiere Pro CS4 for a number of reasons including the ability to easily and accurately select a scene by individual frames, native audio and video effects/filters, and the ability to import and export various video types.  I'm open to using other tools, but I haven't yet found one that is even close to Premiere Pro when it comes to accurately selecting split points.


      I'm not a Premiere Pro expert.  I have been doing this for about four months and have read many resources (books, forum posts, help guides) to refine the workflow I'm currently using.  My question:  does anyone know any improvements that might save me time/keystrokes.


      Current workflow:

      • I've bound F8 to File > Export > Media


      1. Import video file
      2. Open in source monitor
      3. Set In and Out points for scene in source monitor
      4. Ctrl-drag from source monitor to Project Panel (creates a subclip)
      5. Repeat 3 and 4 for all scenes/subclips
      6. Select all subclips from Project Panel and drag to timeline
      7. Set work area bar to first subclip in timeline by the following four keystrokes:  Home, Alt-[, PageDown, Alt-]
      8. Type F8 (File > Export > Media shortcut).  Type output file name, click OK and the first subclip is put in the AME queue
      9. For the remaining subclips, type: Alt-[, PageDown, Alt-], F8, output file name, OK and repeat until done


      Any thoughts/ideas on workflow improvements?


      Thank you!


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Maybe not a big time/stroke saver, but you can Trim your Clips and then place them on the Timeline. From there, you can use the WAB (Work Area Bar) to Export to the file format desired, say DV-AVI Type II for SD material.


          Good luck,



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            aukevin Level 1

            Thank you Hunt.


            For the sake of brevity, I didn't include all of the details about the various aspects of the projects.


            Early on I was doing what you suggested and yes, it is a little quicker.  I learned (painfully) a couple of months later that I sometimes have to go back and adjust the clips and this method (trim to timeline with no subclips) resulted in quite a bit of duplicate effort (to reobtain start/stop points).  I've since learned that managing the "scenes" as subclips in topical bins allows me to go back and make adjustments, long after I've totally forgotten about the project content, without a lot of unnecessary reworking.