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    How Upload Premiere Pro CS3 FTP to Amazon S3?


      Hello Video Mavens,


      Do you know how to configure Adobe Premiere Pro CS to upload a file to Amazon's S3 service using the FTP client built into Adobe Media Encoder?


      If so...your detailed, step-by-step instructions are warmly welcomed...and your Rock Star status is secured for eternity.


      Many thanks in advance!


      Plane Wryter

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          As long as the amazon service emulates an FTP server it will work.


          Amazon would need to provide you with the fields Pr asks for; server name, port#, dir path, login id and pw

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            PlaneWryter Level 1

            Hi Curt,


            Thanks for the blazingly quick reply; great to hear from a fellow Premiere fan.


            Actually--because Amazon S3 is anything but a routine emulation of FTP--is why I posted my question on this forum.


            IF IT'S EVEN POSSIBLE to use Media Encoder's FTP client to upload to Amazon S3...then whoever has figured this out will know specific S3 issues which have to be overcome for success.


            • FTP uploads, by themselves, are no big deal...Complexity Factor 2. FTP upload to Amazon S3 appears to be beyond Complexity Factor 14.


            In the spirit of Thomas Edision, I have successfully discovered a dozen ways not to be able use Adobe Media Encoder's embedded FTP client to upload to Amazon S3's services.


            • Thus, as far as I know (at the moment), it's not possible.


            Hoping that someone who's successfully made this work can weigh in with the Special Knowledge which makes the difference between Looks like it can't be done; and Oh yeah, here's what you have to do.


            Curt, many thanks to you, and all the great people on this foruml,

            Plane Wrtyer