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    Unresponsive PP

    ParkBenchPictures Level 1

      Hello forum people,


      I am asking for help. Premier Pro has started doing this weird thing, like freezing up, when I go to another CS4 program, like Soundbooth. I'm not sure if it's my computer or what, but it just seems to happen to Premier and only Premier. I am going to look for a disk clean up or maintenance somewhere. I'll have to re-install on the very (hopefully far) off chance that it's that far corrupt.


      So to restate my problem, PP freezes up when i'm asking it to sit quietly by and wait until i can get to it. More specifically, when i go to render and replace some audio from PP into Soundbooth, after i edit the audio, save it and go to return to PP, it's starts to act up.


      Please help! I have three projects due by the end of the year.



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          Huntrex Level 2

          How much RAM is in your machine? I would recommend a minimum of 4GB, preferably 8GB or more. With insufficient RAM, Premiere will be paged to your harddisk, especially when multiple memory hungry programs are opened. Which will result in poor performance and unresponsiveness.